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Inspirational Animators
This page contains a list of the most inspirational animators you are ever likely to see.
Recommended Reading
This page contains a list of highly recommended animation books.
The Best Games Ever Made
Here is my list of the best games ever made.
Video Game Terminology
You may have heard people talking about AAA MMORPGs but have ever wondered it all means?
How I Became An Animator
Although I have always loved video games, I had no idea I would one day make them.
An Introduction To The Games Industry
If you like games, technology and being creative then being in the games industry can be very exciting.
Viva Shanghai
Viva Shanghai is a blog that houses my experiences of living and working in the People's Republic of China.
What Does it Take to Make a Video Game?
How many people does it take to make a video game?
Eric Cantona
This is my homage to Eric Cantona, one of the greatest football players to ever grace the game.
An Animator's Guide
Here you will find a selection of tools and references to make an animator's life a little easier.