About Me


Welcome and thanks for visiting my web site. My name is Jim Jagger and I am an Animation Director in the video game industry. During the last few years I have been part of many projects, including the Grand Theft Auto, Tony Hawk and Splinter Cell series.

My love for animation began at the age of six when I fell under the spell of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. As a teenager, I animated as a hobby and though it has become my career, it has never ceased to provide the enjoyment and fulfillment it did as a youth.

My obsession with games spawned the day I discovered Pong but it was not until I received an Acorn Electron around the age of seven that my passion really took hold. Some thirty years later, my addiction is as strong as ever. My latest fix includes Another World, Call of Duty and Limbo.

Listed below are some of the games that I have been fortunate to work on;




September 17, 2013
Rockstar North release GTAV.

New Tools

June 3, 2009
Updated Demo Reel and Resume.

New Tools

May 1, 2008
JJTools were used over 30,000 times in April.

Gallery Update

July 22, 2005
Selected as Gamasutra's Featured Artist.

Siggraph August 10, 2004
Spoke at Siggraph on the teachings of 3D animation.