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JJTools for 3DS Max

To download my most popular MAXScripts please click on the appropriate link below. For a comprehensive list of all my scripts, please click here.

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Animated Align v3.0 - Movie
This script keys the alignment of one object to another over a specified period of time. The user can chose to align the position, rotation and scale independently or combined. Both the step size and frame range are user definable. It is very useful for keying objects on every frame for game exports.
Biped Selector v3.0
This script makes selecting biped bones a breeze. A floating window contains an intuitive graphical selection of buttons to allow the user to quickly select any biped limb. Features include:
· Shift-click selects the bone and all its children.
· Ctrl-click adds multiple bones to the selection
· Alt-click removes bones from the selection.
· Graphical interface to aid the selection of the feet's pivot points.
· Supports multiple bipeds
Open Most Recent AutoBak v3.0
When 3D Studio Max crashes, do you find it frustrating searching for the most recent autobak file? If so, this is the perfect script for you. This tool will sort through all autobak files and load the most recent version. I find myself using this tool a little too much.
Organise Scene Selection Sets v3.0 - Movie
This tool creates a floating window listing all of the selection sets in your current scene.  You can then toggle the visibility of each set by marking the appropriate check box.  If you decide to add more selection sets simply re-run the script and the dialogue box will update to reflect the changes.  This makes managing large files much easier.
Open Most Recent File v3.0
Upon launching 3dsMax this script will ask the user if they wish to re-open the most recently saved Max file.
BBC Radio 5 v3.0 - Movie
I wrote this little tool so that I could discreetly listen to Euro 2004 while working in Max. This script will be a god send for the forthcoming English Premier League as the BBC have exclusive rights to broadcast all games live.
Select Opposing Biped Bone v3.0 - Movie
Unfortunately Character Studio does not give the user the ability to create shortcuts to some of the most useful tools it has to offer. This script detects which Biped bones are selected and then mirrors the selection i.e. left arm to right arm. This script supports multiple selections of bones and unlike Character Studio, it can be run on combinations of bipedal and regular bones.