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JJTools 4

JJToolsV4.zip contains the following MAXScripts for 3D Studio Max 4.

Add Physique v1.0

Adds a Physique modifier to the selected object. Allows Physique to be linked to the right click menu. Note: Requires Character Studio. Download

Advanced Align v1.1

Quickly aligns the local position and rotation of the selected object to the next object the user picks. Download

Animated Align v1.1

This script keys the alignment of one object to another over a specified period of time. The user can chose to align the position, rotation and scale independently or combined. Both the step size and frame range are user definable. It is very useful for keying objects on every frame for game exports. Download

Centre Pivot v1.0

Centres the pivot point of the selected object. Download

Collapse To Mesh v1.0

This script collapses the stack of the current object without switching to the Modifier panel. Download

Custom Attribute Manager v1.0

Custom Attributes (CAs) can lie dormant in a Max file taking up valuable file space. This utility checks for and deletes unnecessary CAs. Download

Find Map Path v1.0

Select, hide or freeze any objects with a specific texture map applied to them. Search by full name or substring. Download

Key Mode Toggle v1.0

Toggle key mode. Download

Open Lastest Backup v1.0

When 3D Studio Max crashes, do you find it frustrating searching for the most recent autobak file? If so, this is the perfect script for you. This tool will sort through all autobak files and load the most recent version. I find myself using this tool a little too often. Download

Particle Export v1.0

Generates a text file containing all the necessary particle data. It attempts to standardize the particle systems and output the data in a unified manner. Download

Pick Pivot v1.0

Quickly pick a new pivot position for the selected object. Download

Properties v1.0

Bring up the properties of the selected objects. Download

PRS v1.0

Converts the controllers of the selected objects to linear and keys the object's Position, Rotation and Scale on the first and last frame. Download

Quick Align v1.1

Speeds up repetitive aligning by prompting the user to pick the source and target. Very useful when aligning or re-aligning multiple objects. Download

Re-Open Last File v1.0

Re-Opens the most recent max file. Great when Max crashes! Download

Reset All Viewports v1.0

Resets the viewports and frames all. Download

Select Biped v1.0

Select any limb of a Biped character. Works best when assigned to keyboard short cuts. Note: Requires Character Studio. Download

Selection Set Material v1.0

Generates selection sets based on Material names. It will group all objects using the same material into one selection set. Download

Square Texture Check v1.0

Checks all materials in the scene and reports any that do not have square textures(to the power of 2). Download

Toggle Vertex Colours v1.0

Toggles the vertex colours on/off for the selected objects. Download

Toggle Vertex Shaded v1.0

Toggles the vertex colours on/off for the selected objects. Download