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JJTools 6

JJToolsV6.zip contains the following MAXScripts for 3D Studio Max 6.

Add Physique v1.1

Adds a Physique modifier to the selected object. Allows Physique to be linked to the right click menu. Download

Advanced Align v2.1

Quickly aligns the local position and rotation of the selected object to the next object the user picks. Download

Animated Align v2.11 - MOVIE

This script keys the alignment of one object to another over a specified period of time. The user can chose to align the position, rotation and scale independently or combined. Both the step size and frame range are user definable. It is very useful for keying objects on every frame for game exports. Now supports alignment to "link constrained" objects. Download

BBC Radio 5 v1.0 - MOVIE

I wrote this little tool so that I could discreetly listen to Euro 2004 while working in Max. Download

Biped Pivot Points v1.0

This script will toggle through the most common pivot points of a biped’s foot to help speed the creation of animations. Download

Centre Pivot v2.1

Centres the pivot point of the selected object. Download

Clever Biped Move v1.0

This script toggles the selection between the current biped's horizontal and vertical transforms. Download

Clever Move v1.0

This script cycles through the coordinate system of the move tool. Press once for 'View', and again for 'Local'. Each press advances a coordinate system. Best when mapped to the 'W' key, replacing the standard 'Move' Tool. Download

Clever Rotate v1.0

This script cycles through the coordinate system of the rotate tool. Press once for 'View', and again for 'Local'. Each press advances a coordinate system. Best when mapped to the 'E' key, replacing the standard 'Rotate' Tool. Download

Create Align v1.0

Prompts the user to select an object in the current scene and creates and aligns a temporary object to it. Great for animating! Download

Cycle Coordinate System v1.0

This tool progressively cycles through the coordinate system of the current transform tool. Download

Find Map Path v2.0

Select, hide or freeze any objects with a specific texture map applied to them. Search by full name or substring. Download

Hide/Unhide Biped v1.0

A simple tool that allows you to hide or unhide all bipeds in the current scene. Download

Open Lastest Backup v1.1

When 3D Studio Max crashes, do you find it frustrating searching for the most recent autobak file? If so, this is the perfect script for you. This tool will sort through all autobak files and load the most recent version. I find myself using this tool a little too much. Download

Organise Scene Selection Sets v1.1 - MOVIE

This tool creates a floating window listing all of the selection sets in your current scene. You can then toggle the visibility of each set by checking the appropriate check. If you decide to add more selection sets simply re-run the script and the dialogue box will update to reflect the changes. This makes managing large files much easier! Download

Organise Specified Selection Sets v1.1 - MOVIE

This script is very similar to the “Organize Scene Selection Sets” script except it creates buttons to hide/unhide objects based on the prefixes of object names in Max. If you have a selection of objects beginning with the letters 'GNW_' or 'GNE_' it will automatically create buttons to hide/unhide such objects. Any prefixes can be defined in the setup options and will be saved for use on future scenes. Download

Playback Speeds v1.0

This tool allows the user to quickly change the playback speed of their animation while it is being played. Simple buttons grant the user the ability to play Max’s timeline at ¼x, ½x, 1x, 2x or 4x the regular speed.Download

RAM Player Last Two Previews v2.0

RAM Preview. Previews your current animation range and loads it, along with your previous preview, in to the RAM Player for comparisons. Download

Re-Open Last File v1.1

Re-Opens the most recent max file. Great when Max crashes! Download

Reset All Viewports v2

Resets the viewports and frames all. Download

Select Biped v1.0

Select any limb of a Biped character. Works best when assigned to keyboard short cuts. Download

Select Opposite v1.0 - MOVIE

Unfortunately Character Studio does not give the user the ability to create shortcuts to some of the most useful tools it has to offer. This script detects which Biped bones are selected and then mirrors the selection i.e. left arm to right arm. This script supports multiple selections of bones and unlike Character Studio, it can be run on combinations of bipedal and regular bones. Download

Show Trajectory v1.0 - MOVIE

Toggles the trajectory on/off for the selected objects. Now supports Biped objects. Download

Toggle Key Mode v1.0

Toggle key mode. Download

Toggle Vertex Colours v2.0

Toggles the vertex colours on/off for the selected objects. Download

Unhide Selected v1.0

Unhides the selected objects. This is particularly useful when hiding selection sets as the selected objects can quite often become hidden. Download